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Articles on Greek Wines

Many journalists and oenophiles comment favourably on Greek wines. We have gathered some selected articles in the International press for you to read.

04/2008 [Sante]
Greek Wines go native in the Peloponnese
(Adobe PDF document 3.2 MB)
By Rob Constantino

04/2008 [Chicago Tribune]
Explore Greece's white wines for Orthodox Easter
By Bill Daley

03/2008 [Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles]
Greek Odyssey
(Adobe PDF document 6.1 MB)
By Rob Constantino

12/2007 [Elite]
Greece, a country of gastronomic delights
(Adobe PDF document 900 KB)
by Edward Finstein

11/2007 [Atlanta Journal Constitution]
Greek wines aren't what they used to be
(Adobe PDF document 2.7 MB)
by Gil Kulers

09/2007 [Massachusetts Beverage Business]
by Bill Nesto

08/2007 [Recreation News Maryland]
Greece: Ancient Vines/Modern Wines
by Edward Finstein

08/2007 [New York Daily News]
Vintage Greece - Greek wines return to their glorious roots
by Amy Cortese

08/2007 [Wine & Spirits]
Great greek wines - a field guide to the next wave
article (Adobe PDF document 1.8 MB)
ratings (Adobe PDF document 1.6 MB)
by Tara Q. Thomas

06/2007 [The Tasting Panel]
Greek wines revisited (Adobe PDF document 160 KB)
by Laura Holmes Haddad

05/2007 [Vines]
Memories Of The Future (Adobe PDF document 204 KB)
by John Szabo MS

05/2007 []
Good old Greece scores a great new triumph in New York
by David Rosengarten

04/2007 [Toronto Life]
All Greek Wine
by David Lawrason

01/2007 [Food & Wine]
100 Tastes to try in '07 [page1] [page2]
by Christine Quinlan

01/2007 [Vines]
No Myth (Adobe PDF document 252 KB)
by John Szabo

01/2007 []
Producer of the Month - January, 2007: Domain Sigalas
By Matthew Citriglia

12/2006 [Wine Spectator]
Greece at the Crossroads
By Kim Marcus

11/2006 [The Rosengarten Report]
And then we drank... more greek wine!!!
(Adobe PDF document 62 KB)
By David Rosengarten

10/2006 [Market Watch]
Greek wines get hip
By Jean Deitz Sexton

10/2006 [The Rosengarten Report]
Stunning surprises from Greece
(Adobe PDF document 213 KB)
By David Rosengarten

10/2006 [Food & Wine]
Greece's New Wine Gods
By Jane Sigal

08/2006 [Hemispheres Magazine]
Good Spirits: Going Greek
by Doug Frost

08/2006 [Business 2.0]
Shipping cabernet from Peloponnese
by Paul Kaihla

08/2006 [Food & Wine]
Tongue-Tied About the World's Best Wine Values
by Lettie Teague

05/2006 []
Greece's Boutique Vintners Spark Renaissance of Native Grapes
by Elin McCoy

05/2006 [Voice Of America]
Interview of Sophia Perpera (in Greek)
Hear the interview in Real Player audio format
by Zoe Leoudaki

12/2005 [Wine Adventure]
Go Greek!
[page1] [page2] [page3] [page4] [page5] [page6]
[page7] [page8] [page9]
by Catherine Fallis

09/2005 [Wine Review Online]
Greek Wines on Stage
by Ed McCarthy

08/2005 [Sante]
Going Greek

07/2005 [Cheers]
The Greek Wine Scene [page1] [page2]
by John Foy

03/2005 [Nation's Restaurant News]
Medal-worthy Greek wines reach new heights
with Olympic-quality varieties

by Mary Ewing-Mulligan MW and Ed McCarthy

Taking it on the chin
by Andrew Jefford

10/2004 [Food & Wine]
Reds: A Global Guide to What's New
by Ray Isle

09/2004 [Wine Enthusiast]
Greek Revival
by Jamal A. Rayyis

09/2004 [Bon Appétit]
Bon Appétit Tasting Panel picks: Greek Wines
by Anthony Dias Blue

09/2004 [Wine Business Monthly]
Greek Wines Exposed
by Lisa Shara Hall

08/2004 [The Washington Post]
From Greece, Food-Friendly and Affordable
by Michael Franz

08/2004 [The Press Democrat]
Think, drink Greek
By Virginie Boone

08/2004 [Denver Post]
The Greek Wine Renaissance
by Tara Q. Thomas

08/2004 [Saveur]
Greek Revival [page1] [page2] [page3] [page4]
by Diane Kochilas

08/2004 [Gourmet]
Wine Advice
by Gerald Asher

07/2004 [The Wall Street Journal]
Opening Our Eyes to the Classics
by Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher

07/2004 [Financial Times]
Where is Greek wine today?
by Jancis Robinson

05/2004 [Wine Spectator]
The Wines of Greece
by Kim Marcus

03/2004 [Odyssey]
Getting serious about the U.S. market
by Patrick Skinner

02/2004 [Mercury News]
Best indigenous Greek wines twist tongues and delight them
by Laurie Daniel

11/2003 [Wine Spectator]
Greece's Enduring Wine Heritage
by Lynn Alley

09/2003 [Wine Business Monthly]
The Greek Wine Renaissance
by Jim Budd

09/2003 [USA Today]
Greek wine goes for the gold - Olympic gold
by Jerry Shriver

08/2003 [The Washington Post]
Food-Friendly Greek Whites
by Michael Franz

06/2003 [Decanter]
Hellenic heaven
by Nico Manessis

05/2003 [Gourmet]
A Sense of Place
by Gerald Asher

03/2003 [The Washington Post]
My Big Fat Greek Red
by Michael Franz

12/2002 [Decanter]
Shaping a Region
by Susan Keevil

09/2001 [Decanter]
The Greek Assyrtiko
by Nico Manessis

06/2001 [Decanter]
Northern Delights
by Amy Wislocki

4/2001 [Harpers News]
On the brink
by Joanne Simon

12/1999 [Decanter]
GREECE slips into gear
by Richard Neill



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